Nora Green ConsultingNora Green Consulting provides a range of services and solutions in the field of (Rural) Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting

Nora Green Consulting was founded over 30 years ago by Herman van Beuningen (The Netherlands) and by Reto Jorg (Switzerland).

The company started with the trade in dairy cattle and agricultural products and machinery. Not long after it also started a real estate branch focusing to help foreign investors with the acquisition of rural properties in Portugal, namely dairy, cork, beef, arable, olive and wine farms.

Nora Green Consulting is your strategic partner when it comes to real estate. For many years we have a very strong and large network which enables us to find the unique objects which you are looking for, mostly the objects which come ahead of the market. Nora Green Consulting has a deep understanding of the local rules and regulations and has very close links to the local administration offices. This personal approach enables us to have a great deal of added value for our clients since our long term experience and local knowledge allows us to get things done in a quicker way.

We are locals with over 30 years of experience, a strong international team and large network. Access to unique objects, deep understanding of local rules and regulations, direct entry into local administration offices and Post Sales Services

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Properties for sale Nora Green Consulting If you are interested to invest in Portugal in the Agri business, please contact us for further information.

Farm with stunning views | Évora

Farm with stunning views | Évora

The price is available on request.
16 ha
Agriculture | Lazer | Agro-tourism
Lovely Agritourism Wine Region from Alentejo

Lovely Agritourism Wine Region from Alentejo

Price Upon Request
44 Hectares
Wine estate in Alentejo
Beautiful estate near Évora

Beautiful estate near Évora

The price is available on request.
Leisure and Agriculture

AgricultureNora Green Consulting If you are interested to invest in Portugal in the Agri business, please contact us for further information. We will help you find and manage the agricultural business you are looking for.

Arable Farms Agriculture

Land appropriate for producing all kind of arable crops such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, sugar beet, hay, etc...

Cattle Farms Agriculture

Farms which have the right area and conditions to support cattle. You need to have special rights to...

Dairy Farms Agriculture

We sold many dairy farms for milk or other dairy products in Portugal in the past thirty years. We have a great...

Nora Green Consulting - Portugal - Rural Real Estate

Vineyards and Wineries Agriculture

Setting up and managing wineries and vineyards is one of our core businesses. We can help you with the sale or purchase of vineyards and wineries and we can also help you with the plantation, the construction, the production and the management of these properties...

Cork Farms Agriculture

Properties only used for cork production or mixed farms/estates with partial cork production amongst other crops or activities...

Olive Estates Agriculture

Land suitable for olive plantations or existing plantations. There are three different types of olive plantations, namely...

Nora Green Consulting - Portugal - Rural Real Estate

Special ObjectsNora Green Consulting Nora Green Consulting operates in a niche market, meaning we have many objects which are not officially on the market or that due to our large international network have been exclusively allocated to us.

Second homes Special Objects

If you are interested to buy or rent a second home in the Alentejo, Nora Green Consulting can help you. Especially holiday houses with some land (a quinta) fall within our area of expertise...

Hunting estates Special Objects

Portugal and especially the Alentejo is famous for its great hunting grounds. In the Alentejo you have some of the most fantastic hunting possibilities in the Iberian Peninsula...

Unique Objects Special Objects

Portugal and also in the Alentejo you find many historical monuments and other types or unique objects. Many of these objects can be bought at relatively low prices...

Historic Houses Special Objects

Portugal and also in the Alentejo you find many historical monuments. A lot of these objects can be bought at relatively low prices since many of them are in need of rehabilitation...

Manor Houses Special Objects

In the Alentejo region you still find some beautiful manor houses. Many times they were country or holiday houses from wealthy Portuguese families but also resident homes...

Commercial Real EstateNora Green Consulting The expansion of the Sines Harbor, the new train connection into Europe, and the expansion of Embraer and its satellite companies in Evora is making the Alentejo more and more interesting for companies and tourism. Should you be interested to invest in the Alentejo, Nora Green consulting can help you further.

Industrial locations Commercial

We help our clients finding the desired objects. If you are interested in finding suitable industrial locations Nora Green can help you further...

Hotels Commercial

Evora is becoming more and more popular amongst tourists. Several new hotels have been constructed over the past few years...

Investments Commercial

If you are interested to invest in real estate in Portugal and in the Alentejo then we can help you further. Also for all...

Hotels Nora Green

Land for development projects Commercial

Over the past decade there has been a strong increase in the land prices in Portugal. The Alentejo region and especially around the Alqueva dam...

Offices Commercial

Nora Green can help you find the indicated office space in and around Evora. If you are interested and for more information...

Reto Jörg

Reto Jorg born in The Netherlands but Swiss by origin has been living in Portugal since 1986. He completed a degree in Agriculture in Switzerland and was in the special forces of the Swiss army before moving to Argentina to start his career as the manager of a large cattle estate.

In 1986 Reto moved to Portugal where he first started to manage Outeiro de Esquila – family estate and soon after founded Nora Green Consulting together with Herman van Beuningen. Reto is the Managing director of Nora Green and also interim manager for several of our clients amongst others.

Nora Green Consulting - Portugal - Rural Real Estate
Hein van Beuningen

Hein van Beuningen

Hein van Beuningen (Adriano how he is called in Portugal) was born and raised in Portugal until he left the country to finish secondary school in England. During his gap year working at a winery in Portugal he decided to study International Business and Management in the Netherlands.

After completing his studies Hein worked at The Baarsma Wine Group, one of the largest wine traders in Europe. Hein continued his professional life at Aon Risk Solutions in Rotterdam where he was account manager for global accounts. Having spent 3 years at Aon he took on the opportunity to become client executive at Marsh & McLennan companies for another two years. During his last post in Munich he decided together with his wife to return to his roots in Portugal and became Partner at Nora Green Consulting in the summer of 2014.

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