Agriculture and Rural Properties

If you are looking to buy or rent agriculture or rural properties feel free to contact Nora Green Consulting. We can also help you on a project basis when it comes to licensing, agricultural projects, subsidy management, construction, accounting or legal assistance.

Nora Green Consulting - Portugal - Rural Real Estate

Arable Farms Agriculture

Land appropriate for producing all kind of arable crops such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, sugar beet, hay, etc. The best arable lands in the Alentejo are found in the reach of the Alqueva dam.

Cattle Farms Agriculture

Farms which have the right area and conditions to support cattle. You need to have special rights to have cattle and several other rules and legislations in order to receive subsidies.

Dairy Farms Agriculture

We sold many dairy farms for milk or other dairy products in Portugal in the past thirty years. We have a great deal of experience and actively manage some of the largest dairy producers in the Alentejo region.

Vineyards and Wineries Agriculture

Setting up and managing wineries and vineyards is one of our core businesses. We can help you with the sale or purchase of vineyards and wineries and we can also help you with the plantation, the construction, the production and the management of these properties. Licensing, legal requirements, people management and sales advice are other services we can provide. If you are interested to buy, rent or set up a vineyard or winery, then we can help you further. Nora Green consulting has a great deal of experience in this field and manages and advises several wine estates in the Alentejo region and abroad.

Cork Farms Agriculture

Properties only used for cork production or mixed farms/estates with partial cork production amongst other crops or activities. The harvest takes place every nine years. Some farms/estates have divided the harvests other do it only every nine years.

Olive Estates Agriculture

Land suitable for olive plantations or existing plantations. There are three different types of olive plantations, namely, traditional (low density), intensive (high density) or super intensive (very high density).