Hunting Estates

Portugal and especially the Alentejo is famous for its great hunting grounds. In the Alentejo you have some of the most fantastic hunting possibilities in the Iberian Peninsula. You have a large abundance of all kind of wildlife in the Alentejo, especially rabbits, hares, quail and the red leg partridge (alectoris rufa). There are also large populations of wild boar and in some areas of the Alentejo also mouflon, red deer and fallow deer. The south of the Alentejo and especially near Mértola you find some of the most spectacular hunting estates. The countryside is absolutely beautiful and you are in the least densely populated area of Europe. Nora Green will help you find and buy the estate you want and can also help with all the regulations involved as well as the support, management, construction, people management etc.... If you are interested and for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.