Arable Farms

Land appropriate for producing all kind of arable crops such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, sugar beet, hay, etc... Either irrigated or non-irrigated land. The best arable lands in the Alentejo are found in the reach of the Alqueva dam. The Alqueva dam is the largest artificial lake in Europe, measures 250km2 and currently irrigates around 180.000ha of land in the Alentejo. The proximity to the Alqueva region provides sustained and granted access to water, independently of the water conditions in the region. This fact is incredibly important for the business model as it provides much more certainty for the production estimates and the operation as a whole. If you are looking to buy or rent these kind of properties than please contact Nora Green Consulting. We can also help you on a project basis when it comes to licensing, agricultural projects, subsidy management, construction, accounting or legal assistance.

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